Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Grace lies down on the job

Feeding time in the Summerton dog household can be quite a revealing affair.

Well, at least in terms of the dogs' characters (forgive the anthropomorphising and indulge me for a moment).

It takes place just once a day and in the morning.

It's a choice to encourage greedy Cockers and Labs to remain as slimline as possible and thereby (unfortunately) guaranteeing that the "Master of the House" will be woken by quite another sort of dawn chorus to that of chirruping birds.

While Mrs Kipling (as you might recall) launches herself snout first into her bowl, scattering the contents across the floor as though this is the first and last meal of her life, Belle very primly, properly eats one biscuit at a time as she contemplates what naughtiness she can engage in later on.

And Grace? Well she takes quite a different approach.

After being guided gently to her usual place (she's blind and has been from birth, but that didn't stop her breeder from using her as a "puppy factory" before dumping her at the SPA after she had served her time), Grace falls head first into the serious business of eating.

But the excitement and effort is - quite literally - almost too much for her.

And rather than trying to retain some semblance of elegance as she wolfs down her food, she chooses instead to...well, take a look at the video.

Bon app├ętit Grace.

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